How to make the perfect tanning bed

Laundry is a simple task.

When you get home from work you wash clothes and throw them away.

But the task is only half the fun, so you may as well spend time on your tanning sessions.

Here’s how.

Laundress shoot: washing a laundry bag.

This is what we do at home, but it’s much more of a chore in the dryer.

You wash clothes in the washing machine, or you throw them into a bag and place it in a dryer for a minute or two before rinsing them.

In the dryers, the water is pushed through a hose, where it passes through a filter that filters out the water that’s already in the bag.

In a drybag, a dry bag has no filter, so the water flows through the bag to the bottom, where the filter will prevent it from becoming trapped by debris and oils.

If the bag is large enough, it can be emptied into a container that’s larger than the dry bag itself.

Laying clothes in a large drybag will help you get a good tan, but you can also use this to dry clothes on a table.

Photo: Flickr user tara kazak A dry bag can be a good source of tanning oil, too.

If you put a dry towel under the water and press down, you can squeeze out oil that’s trapped by the fibers of the fabric.

Dry bags can also help you clean up a dirty towel, which can help to remove grease from clothes.

Lying down in the shower or tub, however, can help you tan quickly.

You can also tan in the tub by pushing a small towel under your legs, where you can pull out some oil.

Lazy days in the sun: washing clothes in your tanner.

If it’s too hot in the summer, you’ll want to spend some time getting ready in the shade.

It’s best to start your day with a quick shower, then put on your clothes, which is easier than trying to get tanning done on your own.

You might also want to go to the gym or do some yoga.

If there’s a lot of sun, you may want to wear sunscreen, too, and use the sunblock at the end of your shower or bath.

Photo courtesy of A good tan is a quick one, so it’s best if you don’t rush things.

Start your day by drying clothes in dryer or at the laundromat, then head out the door and go to work.

This method can help reduce the chance of drying your clothes in direct sunlight, which may make it harder to get a tan.

The sun also blocks a lot more oil and grease from the clothes you’re wearing.

If that oil and/or grease is still on the clothes, it’ll stay there for the rest of your life.

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