How much do the NHL’s new $1 billion deal with Amazon cost?

The NHL’s $1.5 billion Amazon deal was signed by the NHL on Friday, giving the online retailer exclusive rights to stream all 32 teams’ regular-season games for the next six years.

The deal comes a few weeks after the NHL agreed to a new $700 million agreement with Amazon that will allow the retailer to stream a lot more games than it has in the past.

That’s due to the NHL taking advantage of a new, more lucrative revenue stream for Amazon.

The NHL’s deal with AWS comes a little more than a year after the league’s new TV contract with Comcast went into effect.

The league has been trying to sell its new TV deal to Amazon for years.

But Amazon’s new deal with the NHL is the biggest one yet.

The NHL says it’ll pay $5 billion a year for five years.

And that’s on top of a $2 billion TV contract the NHL signed with NBC Universal last summer.

The $1-billion deal with Netflix was the biggest single deal the NHL has ever done with a streaming platform.

The $750 million deal with HBO last summer was the largest single deal between a sports league and HBO in the history of sports.

And the NHL and Amazon agreed on a new deal that gives the NHL exclusive rights for all future NHL games streamed on Amazon.

That deal will last for a decade, with the option to extend it for a further 10 years.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told reporters the deal is “the largest ever for any major sports league, in terms of the value of our partnerships.”

The NHL is a long-term partner of Amazon.

The two have a longstanding relationship, including a partnership that runs through 2021.

And the NHL also has an agreement with the NFL to stream games through Amazon.

Amazon and the NHL say the NHL will be able to stream every NHL game from 2017 through 2022.

This will include all games for each season.

Amazon says this will save the league about $150 million per year.

The new deal is expected to generate around $1,000 per NHL game streamed.

And with the added revenue from Amazon, that number will go up to $1 million per game.

The NFL is still a big player in the sports streaming market.

Its deal with AT&T has been a big success for the league, generating millions in revenue and more than $1 Billion in annual revenue for the company.

The NBA, which has the NBA TV rights, will also be able stream all of the NBA games from 2017 to 2022.

It’s not clear yet if the NBA will be paying more per game than the NHL.

The Amazon deal with NHL has been hailed as a boon for the NHL, which had struggled with a lack of a dedicated streaming platform for the past few years.

The deal was initially reported by ESPN, but that report was later changed to the Los Angeles Times.

In May, the NHL had been trying for a year to sell a new TV streaming deal with Comcast, and Comcast said it was willing to pay $1B for the rights.

But that deal never materialized, with Comcast ultimately losing the bidding battle.

The latest deal with Bezos also puts the NHL in a position to grow its streaming audience by adding a new platform to its service.

It already has the NHL Now, a service that shows all the team’s games on a single screen.

The next big step will be to add a live-streaming service that allows fans to watch all of a team’s game at once.

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