Shocking moment Muslim women say ‘no’ to hijab at a bar

Women in the Muslim world often wear a head covering at home and at work to cover their bodies, but they are not allowed to wear it in public.

Now, a group of Muslim women in Italy is taking the issue one step further and saying that hijab is just a dress code for men and women.

They are calling for Muslim women to stop wearing head coverings and instead wear hijabs and other head coverments at home, and to remove their headscarves and niqabs when they go out. 

“The hijab is a dress, but not a costume,” the Muslim Women’s Group said in a statement.

“The hijab does not give any license for men to abuse their women.”

The group, which includes about 30 women and girls, organized a protest on Saturday against the ban at the “Tibetan” and “Sharia-compliant” Tabora Restaurant in Rome. 

The women of the group said that they were tired of seeing the Muslim community as a group that wears the hijab and does not respect women, and that hijab should be a “dignified” thing. 

One of the participants, Rizana, told Agence France-Presse (AFP): “It is a thing that we are wearing.

The problem is that it is a hijab and we cannot wear it to work, to work as women.

It is not acceptable for a woman to wear a hijab in public.” 

The Taboras’ owner, Roberto Tabori, defended the ban, saying that it was against Islamic values.

“I respect women and respect the hijab,” he said.

“It’s not acceptable to wear the hijab to work.

Taboria has a long history of hosting parties, where people from all walks of life gather, including members of the Muslim minority. “

When a man wears a headscarf, he is not wearing it to hide his identity, he’s wearing it because it is an honor.”

Taboria has a long history of hosting parties, where people from all walks of life gather, including members of the Muslim minority.

According to Reuters, Taboraria has a large Muslim population, which has allowed it to remain a beacon for many Muslims around the world. 

But in Italy, the ban has been met with criticism from several prominent politicians, including the head of the anti-immigration Northern League party, Matteo Salvini.

The anti-immigrant Northern League, which is part of Italy’s ruling coalition, wants to tighten rules on immigration.

“In Italy, there are a lot of people who are against it, who have no issue with it, but we have to be very careful because if we are to have a positive attitude towards the Muslim people, we have got to have the right attitudes,” Salvini said. 

 The Italian government has been criticised by the European Parliament and other international bodies for the ban.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said the ban was against European values and would only further isolate Italy.

“We must have a balanced attitude to these issues and a balanced view of our history,” Renzi told reporters.

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