‘Warm, fun, family-friendly’: Disney to open new Hollywood-themed restaurant

In this week’s IGN, we have an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Here’s what you need to know.IGN: Disney will be opening its new Hollywood themed restaurant, the Hollywood Wok, in 2018.

The restaurant is named after the original restaurant, which opened in 1955.

What does it mean to open this restaurant at the Hollywood Bowl?

What does the name “Hollywood Wok” mean?

The Hollywood Woks are an old fashioned Americana-style restaurant and restaurant from the Hollywood district.

I believe they have a little something for everyone.

The Hollywood Woke, the new name for the restaurant, is named for the Hollywood District of Los Angeles, which includes the Hollywood Studios, the Paramount Pictures studio and the Hollywood Sign.

It is the first restaurant in the city to be named after a major Los Angeles landmark.

Why did you choose to call the new restaurant “Honeypot”?

Honeypots are an exciting addition to the Hollywood area.

The new restaurant will have the feel of a family-oriented restaurant.

It’s going to be an open-air restaurant, so guests will be able to enjoy a wide variety of cuisine.

What kind of guests will it cater to?

The new Hollywood Woking is going to have a menu that’s going into the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

It will be family- and friend-friendly.

How are you planning to cater to the families who are going to love this?

We have plans for an open menu and it will have something for everybody.

We’re planning to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a lot of dessert.

Will the food have a special theme?

The theme of the restaurant is going in the 60s and 70s.

This is the same year that our original restaurant opened, so there will be some nostalgic flavor in it.

Is there a specific theme you want guests to know about?

It’s a mix of classic and contemporary, and it’s a combination of food and music.

The menu will have an assortment of food items, and you can choose a different theme for your family to enjoy.

What kinds of guests do you want to come in and eat at the new Hollywood Restaurant?

We’re excited to welcome our guests, and we are excited to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This will be the first time that we’ve had the Hollywood Hall of Fame, and this will be a wonderful opportunity for guests to see it for the first of many times.

Is this restaurant going to offer a wine list?

What kind are you expecting to see at the restaurant?

We want guests of all ages to be able taste and enjoy everything we offer at our Hollywood Wokes.

What kind of wine is the menu?

We are planning to offer some wines and some non-alcoholic beverages.

Are there any food items you can’t offer at the original Hollywood Wokers?

We’ll offer some of the menu items that we offered at the iconic Hollywood Woker restaurant in 1955, but we won’t have that menu item.

Are you planning on offering some nonalcoholic drinks?

We do have non-diet beverages that we’ll offer.

Will there be a signature menu item?

What’s the plan for the new menu?

The menu will be themed after the Hollywood Park District.

What’s the inspiration behind that?

The Hollywood Park district is an area in Los Angeles that includes Downtown L.A., the Hollywood Hills, and Downtown San Fernando Valley.

It includes Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, North Hollywood Boulevard and the Downtown Hollywood district of the city.

Are these areas a part of the area that you want your new Hollywood restaurants to be in?

Yes, we are planning on including the Hollywood Parks and Recreation District, the North Hollywood Parks, Downtown L and Downtown S.

Are there any other areas you’re planning on expanding into?


There are many other areas we will be expanding into.

What else can you tell us about the new restaurants that will be coming to Los Angeles?

We think our guests are going the right way in 2018 with the new movie stars, celebrities and other entertainers.

Are they going to want to see the same dishes that we’re serving?

We do have some new dishes that will have a lot to offer.

Will you be offering that?


We are excited about that.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the restaurants that you’re opening?

The restaurants will be all-American, family friendly, and themed to the city’s historic district.

What other elements do you expect to bring to the new eateries?

We really want to be very mindful of the fact that this is a family dining experience.

There’s going’t be a lot that’s a big family menu.

The theme will be simple and fun.

Are we going to provide a wide selection of food?

Yes indeed!

We’re going to continue to expand

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