Dirty laundry? What’s it for?

The dirty laundry that’s so much more than laundry for your bathroom.

It’s for your bedroom.

The new trend is called “cuddle room,” where couples will use the toilet to relieve each other’s discomfort after they’ve had sex, according to ABC News.

The idea is that a dirty room will allow couples to feel comfortable sharing their personal feelings.

It can be used by both partners or one partner and the other can use it to share a dirty joke or a secret to someone else.

In one study, participants told couples they could share a bed, bedding, towels and bedding with one another if they would only use the bathroom for one hour every two weeks.

The couples who shared a bathroom spent the most time sharing personal moments, but when asked to leave the room, they found it difficult to stay together.

It’s not uncommon for couples to share dirty laundry after having sex, but the concept has become a hot topic in the U.S. According to ABC, many couples have found the idea of a cuddle room to be too awkward, but some have found it to be a good way to share some of their intimate moments.

“People are really looking for comfort, and a place to do that,” Kelly Ralston, a professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst told ABC.

She added, “There’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable in a shared space, but it’s also something that’s very necessary in a romantic relationship.”

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