‘I don’t need to go to the store’ as Irish supermarkets open their doors to new customers

The Irish supermarkets will be opening their doors on Thursday to welcome customers, but not everyone is going to be able to use the facilities.

The Government has decided to offer people a small discount on their grocery bill, in an attempt to encourage people to shop online. 

A small discount, however, means the average person in Ireland will pay a hefty price for the convenience of being able to browse the shelves in the morning. 

This is part of the Government’s new plan to increase its grocery shopping base, as well as encourage people in Ireland to shop at home. 

“It’s good news for our farmers and the farmers who grow our produce,” said a spokesperson for the Irish Farmers’ Union. 

They say the scheme will allow for more farmers to sell more of their products to the consumer.

“We know that farmers in particular have been struggling for a number of years with the closure of many of their markets,” the spokesperson added. 

But there are some who are not convinced by the scheme, and think it’s unfair.

“I don and I’ve been saying it for a long time,” said Derek McKeown from Families Food Supply. 

He’s a member of the local community food co-operative, Fellow Local.

“The plan is not good news.

It’s bad news, especially in the rural areas where the local farmer is the one that has to sell their product, and it’s the same for the supermarkets.”

McKeown believes the Government is trying to encourage more people to buy from the supermarkets rather than the local co-ops.

“They’re trying to make the supermarkets a bit of a target, because we need them to sell the product to the consumers, and the supermarkets sell the products, and that’s why we’re so happy,” he said. 

However, he doesn’t think the scheme is the best use of public money.

“It doesn’t help us farmers and it doesn’t assist our rural communities,” he added.

The Government says the scheme helps farmers by increasing the number of stores they can open, while also supporting the local economy.

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