What you need to know about the new laundry basket

What you’re going to need for your next shower.

A new laundry-basket.

A more comfortable shower.

New, more stylish.

The new laundry bag is the next step in the laundry-bag revolution, and it’s coming to Australia this Christmas.

Read moreHere are some of the key features of the new basket:There are four options to choose from.

Each has a different look and feel.

The two with the “B” logo will be sold in Australia for $150 and $125 respectively, while the “C” logo is available for $125, and the “D” logo for $175.

The “A” logo costs $150, while a “D”-style bag is available from $175-$200.

Each of the four options comes with a selection of products, so there are a range of possibilities to choose between.

A single-use bag comes with an assortment of washing machines, dryers, clothes drying machines, a washing machine, and a dryer.

A single-purpose laundry basket comes with just one item, a towel.

It’s made from a non-toxic, recyclable material and can be washed and reused.

The basket has an inner-skin to reduce the risk of bacteria and fungi growing in the basket.

The basket is available in a range that can include:A washable towelA single use, reusable laundry basketThe same washable clothA full-body washclothThe same dishwasher and sinkA wash cycle, plus a separate cycle for washing the dishwasherA dryer cycle, with multiple wash cyclesA dishwasher, sink and dishwasher.

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