Clorox to give up ‘free’ laundry baskets on NFL stadiums

Clorax, the US company that has been accused of making contaminated water for NFL stadiums, will discontinue the free reusable laundry baskets in all of its NFL stadiums.

The news comes as Clorcox is being investigated by the NFL for alleged contamination of drinking water sources in New Jersey and New York.

Clorux said on Tuesday that it was suspending the “free” baskets in New York City, Cleveland, Miami, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Indianapolis, and would “evaluate” whether to return the free baskets to stadiums.

“We are discontinuing the free laundry baskets that are offered for use at all of our stadiums,” the company said in a statement.

“As a precaution, we are removing the baskets from our stores and will evaluate how best to return them.”

Clorzas cleaning products were sold at US sporting events such as the Super Bowl, the Superbowl LI and the NFL’s biggest event, the NFL Superbowl, according to the company.

But it said it would no longer offer the free cloths on NFL venues, which were used to wash towels, hats and other clothing.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in December it had tested thousands of Clorazone products in 20 cities in the US.

The FDA said Clorozetone is “known to cause an allergic reaction in some people” and has been linked to a rare type of lung disease.

It has also been linked with cancers and birth defects in lab animals.

The agency said on Thursday that it would issue a voluntary recall of the cloths and urged Clorco to immediately stop making the contaminated products.

In addition to the NFL, the Cloroxin-free cloths are currently being offered at more than 150 stadiums in America, including the NFL and the NBA.

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