When You’re Not Having a Party, Make Time for a Bathroom Sign

You may have heard about the bathroom signs that say, “You have to leave the bathroom.”

Now, they’re getting a little more common.

But what exactly is the bathroom sign you’re looking for?

It might say “You must clean yourself before entering the bathroom,” or it might say, “.



or leave the restroom,” according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If you’re really tired of being on your own and want a little help, consider these signs.


“You Must Clean Yourself Before Entering the Bathroom” Bathroom signs can be a great way to encourage people to clean themselves before entering a bathroom, but some may not actually be a good idea.

If a bathroom is being used by a child or elderly person who is having a health problem, for example, that’s a good sign for a person who needs to wash their hands before entering.

“If you are using a bathroom by a person under the age of 18, please wash your hands immediately,” the FDA says on its website.


“Don’t Worry, You’ll Get Rid of It” If you think the bathroom is really dirty and you just need a little soap to keep it smelling fresh, try a shower stall, according to Dr. Michael Fusco, the chief medical officer of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

He suggests using an electric washcloth instead.


“Do Not Use a Bath Towel on Your Head” Some people might think it’s fine to use a bathroom seat to wash themselves, but that’s not a good thing.

The FDA says that using a toilet seat in a shower can cause a person to fall and get hit with an injury.

The shower stall should be used as a safe place for washing hands.


“Use a Bathtub Towel” Many people are using bathtub seats for their showers and washrooms to wash and rinse, according, the FDA.

While some people have gotten sick and died when they were sitting in bathtubs, there are many people who actually suffer from the problem and would not have a problem in a toilet.

But if you have a bathroom that is already a hot tub or steam room, that is probably not a bad idea, according the FDA website.

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