Washing machine detergent dispensed by robot is cheaper than the $1,500 you pay for it

A laundry machine dispenser from a startup in South Korea could soon be available to the masses, making it cheaper to buy laundry detergents.

The company is offering a washing machine that will dispense a single, single, $1.49-per-liter dispenser that costs less than the price of the $25 machine from an established company.

The machine is powered by a self-powered, battery-powered solar panel, and can be charged via a USB cable.

The company has raised $3.5 million from a variety of investors including Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen and Samsung Ventures, a Samsung affiliate.

The team says it has the ability to offer a new class of laundry detergas and that they can help clean up the global water footprint of washing machines and detergences, making the system more affordable.

This will allow people to save money by having more washing machines in their homes and be able to reuse their own detergés, which is important when you have kids, says co-founder and CEO Yoon Seo-yeon.

“If you’re using a washing device, it’s more than likely that your clothes are going to get washed.

If you’re washing laundry in a home, you need to make sure your laundry machine is functioning properly,” says Seo, who is also a co-owner of the startup.”

We’re really excited about this product because we think the future of laundry will be clean.”

The laundry machine was initially developed as a demonstration of how a single solar panel could be integrated into a washing product.

However, it has been able to be installed in a laundry detergen dispenser, which will be made of durable plastics and have a solar-powered charging circuit.

The technology has also been used to power solar-solar-powered home air conditioners.

This is the first time a washing-machine dispenser has been available to consumers, although a similar dispenser was released in 2017, according to the startup’s website.

The $1-per -liter dispensers are the first to be offered in a way that will be accessible to the general public, and Seo hopes to have them in all 50 states by the end of the year.

They are also the first product to have the ability for use in an enclosed space.

This means that a consumer will not have to wash their clothes by hand, instead washing with the dispenser and then using the machine to rinse them.

This will be especially helpful in areas where people are less likely to have a toilet, and may even save the water that would otherwise be wasted, Seo says.

He says he thinks the dispensers will be used in places where people want to clean up their water, such as restaurants and hotels.

“In hotels, we have lots of guests coming in with kids and it’s quite a challenge to clean their room.

We want to have that opportunity to provide an opportunity for them to wash without washing their clothes,” Seo explains.

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