How to get rid of a dirty laundry

It was a cold night and I was feeling very tired.

I had just gotten home from my last work meeting when a knock on the door.

It was my boss, a woman named Laura.

She wanted to know if I needed anything.

I said yes.

Laura handed me a clean laundry bag and asked me to take it to the bathroom.

I did.

She gave me a towel and a pair of gloves.

She told me to clean my hands, wash my face and wipe my mouth with soap.

I scrubbed my face with the towel and then she gave me some towels to dry.

The next day, I was dressed in my favorite blue jeans, a bright blue shirt and a pink sweater.

I was wearing my new shoes.

Laura had taken my new coat and had attached them to a small chain that held my clothes.

I put my clothes in the back of the laundry room, and then I walked into the kitchen.

She took me to a counter and handed me some plates of rice, which I immediately ate.

When I finished my meal, Laura asked if I was hungry.

I told her yes, and she offered me a plate.

She put the plate on the counter, and I picked up the plate and started to eat.

I could feel my face turning red.

I realized I had no idea how to take care of myself and asked Laura to help me.

She did.

I felt like I was having a meltdown, but I wasn’t.

Laura was my personal trainer and helped me develop my confidence and get ready for the day.

When she came home, she had me wash my clothes and put them in the washing machine, and we washed the dishes.

Then she took me into the bedroom and put a pillow over my head.

Laura took my phone, and it was filled with videos of me doing the laundry, the dishes and washing the clothes.

Laura said she wanted me to keep the videos to herself.

I knew she didn’t want to have to tell anyone that I was losing weight.

I kept the videos.

Laura and I decided to start a weight loss program together.

At the end of the month, she was pregnant with our first child, and Laura and my husband, Todd, decided to do the same.

It’s a beautiful way to spend your time and get back into shape, but Laura and Todd realized that the videos were getting old. I wasn

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